Wherever Life plants you, Bloom with Grace
Our Family finally got together to sit at the table to enjoy this year's Thanksgiving Turkey together. The only family member missing was Michael Moua. On this special day, we had two special guest who joined us: Leda & Michael Her.
At the dinner table, we each share what we were Thankful for. It was a warm and cheerful night. I'm glad we all finally got together from our busy schedule to sit together and enjoy this meal. I missed out at my other family (Lor Family) pot luck Thanksgiving, but I'm sure there's always next time!

Linda Moua made the beautiful center piece for our dinner. She put up pinecones, candles, and glittered mistletoe.  


Our Napkin Holder

I made our napkin holder that held our eating utensils and each napkin holder had a name on it to show where we sit at the table.
It was very easy to make and it was fun making it for everyone! Cheap, easy and went well with the Thanksgiving decoration.

Family Pictures: Thanksgiving 2009

Before we had our Family Dinner, we all took some pictures. It was fun dressing up for the dinner and for taking family pictures.
To end the night, we played "What If." It was hilarious and fun.
We had Sparking Apple Cider and Pumpkin, Cherry and Pecan Pie for Dessert!

Happy Thanksgiving to your Family from the Moua Family!
Happy Holidays!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Today is our 9 year anniversary. And yes, he did remember! He works overtime today too, so it sucks! I have to wait till he gets home so we can plan what we would like to do.

I got a surprise for him. I got him a gift. I hope he likes it. If not, I'm returning it!

As for my pregnancy, I've been able to sleep in longer. I got more rest finally, and i hardly wake up in the middle of the night. Well, except to change Ryu's wet diaper!

Next Tuesday is my
7 months 10/01/2009
Last night I could not sleep at all. I was toss and turning. I slept on my right side, then my left and then on my back. I was not comfortable at all. I kept waking up laying in bed forcing my self to sleep.

Finally it was 5:00am and Jerry got up to get ready for work and I got up to make a Diaper Cake for Marsha's Baby Shower. I had fun making it. I love making Diaper Cakes. I think they are so cute and they look delicious and is the best gift anyone can recieve. Who wouldn't want diapers? Diapers run out fast when the baby is here. I hope she likes her cake.

Today is Thursday!
You Stockton, CA people know what that Means:
                         Stockton Fairground Flea Market!

I went to do some shopping and I got some good deals on Fruits and household items. 

I  bought:
-2 Cantalope for $1 dollars.
-2 Pineapple for $5 dollars.
-4lbs. of Banana for $2 dollars.
-A bag of Mexican Corn chip for $1 dollar.

Household Items
(I got a great deal. I did a bargin and boy, was I happy!)
-A 3 piece sofa covers for the big sofa, loveseat & chair-for $27. originally $30.

-A deep pot for deep frying-$20 Dollar (originally $22)
-A 3 piece bathroom mat set for $8 dollars(originally $10).
-A table cloth for $4 dollars. 
-A baby broom for Ryu for-$2 dollars.

A total saving of: $7 dollars.
After I came home, I made some Indian food that I've been craving for. My Nyab Kong Meng gave me the ingredient and the reciepe to make some. It was delicious!

6 months 09/26/2009
okay...so last night i stayed up until 11pm so i won't wake up in the middle of the night. I was really darn tired in the morning when Ryu woke up crying for his bottle and Jerry woke up for work.

Here i am typing.

My baby Iris did move here and there, but not as much as b4. I guess she is really tired like me. Yesterday, I was so hot and tired. I felt like i couldn't breath in the hot humid air last night.

Anyway, today, I'm heading out to the Flea Market with Linda Moua and then when I come back I will be making some Chicken Tamales for Kerry!