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Ryu Tshwj Xeeb Moua

Ryu T. Moua, born on November 9, 2007. He weighed 8lbs. 1 oz. and 21 inches in length.
He is named after the famous video game and anime charactor in Street fighter-Ryu!

Ryu's Favorites:

Ryu Loves to sing these songs:
-Slippery Fish
-Haleulya Song
-Happy Birthday song
-Wheels on the Bus
-If you're Happy & you know it
-ieensy Weensy spider.

Birthday Song

Ryu loves singing the Happy Birthday and blowing out the candle.
Here is my first fondant cake. Not the best, but I tried my best.
Fondant Made out of: marshmallow & powdered sugar!

Ryu Loves going down the slide

Here he is already sled down the slide.

Ryu Loves Talking on the Phone w/ Aunty Linda M.

Ryu talking on the phone running away from me. He is so cute. I love it when he tries to talk. It sounds so funny.

Ryu Loves to Read

Ryu's Accident

September 26, 2009

We bar-b-que  out in the backyard, and Ryu wanted to help and turn the meat, I told him no, and he was still there with me at the grill, then, some how he tripped and landed his hand on the  hot grill and burned his palm. He got 2nd Degree Burns.  It was so painful for him, he cried, stop and then cried each time the pain came back.

I felt I should have moved him long away from the grill to prevent this, but somehow I let him stayed with me, because I wanted him to stay with me outside and enjoy the weather.

At 7:45pm- I took him to St. Joseph Emergency Room. We waited until 1am in the morning to get called in to the E.R.. room. The doctor did not even see him until 4am in the morning. We got discharged at 6:30am. I was so hungry , tired, and sleepy.  I did not eat since I made some tamales at 3pm yesterday.

I was straving for more than 12 hours, worrying about Ryu and just calming him and trying to ease his pain.  I hate the ER. It takes forever!

Anywase, Tomorrow, I have to take Ryu to U.C. Davis Medical Center at the Burn Center to have them take a look at his palm. It is Burned so bad. From the palm to the finger tip. His tiny hands are cooked white.  I remember moving his hand from the grill and touching his palm, and it was so hott! I yelled, OMG, his hand got burned. It's so hott!

I"m not a good mother. I'm so bad. I could have prevent it, but I let it happened. I feel so BAD!  I rather have the pain then have him go thru it. It's so painful to see him go thru the burn sensation on his tiny hand.

September 29, 2009 : Kerry Interviews Ryu about his Accident.

Kerry interviews Ryu's about his accident. She asks him how he is doing so far on his injuries. 

Oct. 5, 2009

Ryu's 2nd check up on his burn. He was so scared of the doctors coming in and out of the room. I had to video tape his cry. His next check up is in 2 weeks. Hopefully, he won't cry on that visit!

1 year after Ryu's Accident

Ryu's hand healed really fast w/ the scheduled medicated oinment and wrapping. For the 1st to six month after his accident, he did not use his right hand at all. I was afraid he'll be a left-ty. But the post check up and having him use and play with his right hand helped him gain back the use of his right hand.

Our last check up @ the Shriner Children's Hospital was in July 2010. His next appointment is in 3 years, when he turns 5 years old. They want to see if his