Wherever Life plants you, Bloom with Grace

Kerry Kajhlis Moua

Kerry Kajhlis Moua was born on May 20, 2001. She weighed 8lbs. 2oz. and was 20"inches in length. 
Kerry is a Great Helper at home and she loves her little brother Ryu. 
Kerry wants to get into so many careers. These are the ones I heard from her so far:
-Ice cream Lady
-Mail man
-An OB/Gyn Doctor.
-A Pediatrician
-A singer
-A dancer
-News Anchor/reporter
-A veterinarian

Kerry loves to dream big and she prays every night b4 she goes to bed. I love listening to her prayers!

News Reporter: Kerry Moua Interview Ryu Moua

Kerry Interviews Ryu. She asks him a few questions and she gets some unclear answers.


About Kerry Kajhlis Moua

Kerry Loves animals. She has two pet. A dog name Princess and a Turtle. Kerry is a great helper. She loves reading and right now she is done reading The Junie B. Jones Book collection.

Right now she is starting on The Magic Tree House.


Kerry with Bang!

So today, Oct. 7, 2009:
Kerry wanted to get some bangs and be like Auntie Linda. So I gave her some bangs. But as you can see, it is uneven. I'll wait till her bangs grow out a little more and i'll fix it straight across.


Kerry's 3rd grade class each got a cabbage plant to plant as their science project. They were to take care of the plant and record the height and width of their cabbage plant. We planted her cabbage at our old house in East Stockton on January 2010. When we moved to our new house in North Stockton, we took her cabbage along to take care of it. It grew bigger and on July 2010, Grandma cut the cabbage and we ate it. We did not get a chance to weigh or measure the cabbage, but it did seem like the cabbage weighs more than 3 lbs. It was as long as 8 inches. It was a big cabbage. Too bad, 3rd grade ended and the project was a success. In our belly. Kerry did not even want to eat her cabbage. Poor thing!