Wherever Life plants you, Bloom with Grace
Today is our 9 year anniversary. And yes, he did remember! He works overtime today too, so it sucks! I have to wait till he gets home so we can plan what we would like to do.

I got a surprise for him. I got him a gift. I hope he likes it. If not, I'm returning it!

As for my pregnancy, I've been able to sleep in longer. I got more rest finally, and i hardly wake up in the middle of the night. Well, except to change Ryu's wet diaper!

Next Tuesday is my
Last night I could not sleep at all. I was toss and turning. I slept on my right side, then my left and then on my back. I was not comfortable at all. I kept waking up laying in bed forcing my self to sleep.

Finally it was 5:00am and Jerry got up to get ready for work and I got up to make a Diaper Cake for Marsha's Baby Shower. I had fun making it. I love making Diaper Cakes. I think they are so cute and they look delicious and is the best gift anyone can recieve. Who wouldn't want diapers? Diapers run out fast when the baby is here. I hope she likes her cake.

Today is Thursday!
You Stockton, CA people know what that Means:
                         Stockton Fairground Flea Market!

I went to do some shopping and I got some good deals on Fruits and household items. 

I  bought:
-2 Cantalope for $1 dollars.
-2 Pineapple for $5 dollars.
-4lbs. of Banana for $2 dollars.
-A bag of Mexican Corn chip for $1 dollar.

Household Items
(I got a great deal. I did a bargin and boy, was I happy!)
-A 3 piece sofa covers for the big sofa, loveseat & chair-for $27. originally $30.

-A deep pot for deep frying-$20 Dollar (originally $22)
-A 3 piece bathroom mat set for $8 dollars(originally $10).
-A table cloth for $4 dollars. 
-A baby broom for Ryu for-$2 dollars.

A total saving of: $7 dollars.
After I came home, I made some Indian food that I've been craving for. My Nyab Kong Meng gave me the ingredient and the reciepe to make some. It was delicious!