Wherever Life plants you, Bloom with Grace

DIY Projects

Diaper Cakes

This summer was my sister n law Elizabeth's Babyshower. I decided to get creative and look online for ideas on making a different diaper cake. I came upon a picture of a stroller diaper cake. I was hooked on it and made one for her. The materials I used are:
-Huggies size 1 diapers. (The jumbo pack that comes in a Box.)
-Glue Gun
-Pink Body Towel
-Pink Hand Towel
-Rubber Bands

Overall, I love the end result. It is my 1st Stroller Diaper Cake. Oh, and Linda, my sister made one too!...So now Elizabeth have 2 stroller diaper cake. But Linda made Elizabeth a yellow stroller. It came out beautifully well done too. She had handles, mine didn't! But, I like it!
Great minds think alike! =)


DIY Dresser Makeover

So I was home bored and I decided to makeover our dirty dresser. I mean, the colors was bad and the dresser had stickers stuck on it. so I dressed up the Dresser w/ 12x12 Scrap book papers. The Results:
                                                   BEFORE                                                                                                   AFTER


I decide to cover the see thru glass where we put all the DVDs. It was unsighting to see the unorganized DVDs, so I covered up the glass with left over gift wrap papers! Take a Look!

Plastic Drawer Makeover

You know those plastic storage drawers? Well, I used them for Kerry's Dresser. She stores all her under clothing in there, so it was not a good sight to see all the undies and bras goes in which draw. So I had some left over 12x12 scrapbook papers and cut them up to size and slip them into the front of the draw. I mean, I didn't even use glue or mod podge or anything. You can just cut up the paper and slide it in to cover up the draw. I like it! Kerry LOVES it!...
                                                   BEFORE                                                                                             AFTER